Technical Editing


A.R.R. Ash offers technical editing services, in particular:

  • • Blending the narratives of multiple authors into one voice;
  • • Advising on the level of complexity in relation to the intended audience;
  • • Reviewing for completeness and relevance of content;
  • • Identifying gaps or inconsistencies in content;
  • • Verifying agreement between diagrams and textual descriptions;
  • • Ensuring consistent use of terminology, acronyms, and abbreviations;
  • • Verifying functionality of hyperlinks and accuracy of cross-references;
  • • Reviewing organizational structure of a document;
  • • Checking for accuracy, clarity, and readability;
  • • Ensuring that endnotes, footnotes, and bibliographic references are formatted according to APA (American Psychological Association) style or any other desired style guide;
  • • Reviewing grammar, sentence structure, and word choice; and
  • • Proofreading.

I will always put my full effort into every project. However, please understand that, with the more revision that is needed, the project time and, in turn, costs will increase.

Rate: $50/hour.

Please contact me if you’re interested in my technical editing.

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