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Legends, Myths, and Prophecies is A.R.R. Ash's worlds-spanning universe, fraught with tales of magic and might, bravery and cowardice, wisdom and folly, mortals and monsters, and Gods and Dæmons. Yet, underlying all, is Magika. Despite the Power of the Divine and the Infernal, even they must bow to its laws. After millennia of study, mortals continue to uncover, discover, and grasp its secrets. But such knowledge is not static. New insights into the nature and functioning of magic bring new benefits—and new threats—and often require a revision of prior understanding.

Humanity is but one of the countless denizens, as species and races abound. Some familiar—dwarves, elves, gnomes, and the like—others utterly alien and unfathomable. From Thural, a world ruled by vampyres, to Mluran, where humanity is segregated and subjugated under the repressive rule of other races; and from Cærond, the site of a planar Rift that disgorges hordes of Dæmons, to Vahai’i, a land dominated by armies commanded by half-Gods and half-Dæmons, Legends, Myths, and Prophecies blends dark and high fantasy to cast a revealing light upon humanity.

The tales of Legends, Myths, and Prophecies begin in...

The Moroi Hunters, the first novel of The Skeletal Throne series. The newly crowned vampyre queen, Shayala, defends her throne from traitors within her Court while the vampyres’ own food supply dwindles.

And continue in....

Xy: Descent, the forthcoming first book in The First Godling series. Born during a time of oppression and persecution of humanity, the human child Xy grows from a precocious, ambitious youth to become one of the most infamous figures of his time—and beyond.

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