LMP Black (Reduced).gifMluran is a world on which humanity is the youngest of the six major races—dwarves, elves, gnomes, goblins, humans, and ogres—and has been segregated and subjugated by the other races. It comprises the contiguous continents Eomluran and Vesperomluran, separated by the imposing and nearly impassible Continental Range.

For millennia, in what was known as the Age of the Empire, each of the five non-human races controlled a vast empire—combined, covering all Eomluran. Vesperomluran, however, was (and continues to be) controlled by nations of giants. As no single empire could overcome so many giants—together, possibly, but never individually—the non-human empires could not expand westward. Thus, each empire could expand its holdings only at the expense of the others.

What resulted was the War of Five Empires, which devastated the continent. In the wake of that devastation, political power became decentralized, and the Age of the Polis began. During this time, Sepolis—the birth city of Xy—was created as an experiment to learn if the races could live together in peace.

During the Age of the Empire, humanity—all humans—were kept as slaves. However, as a result of the War, the numbers of the other races were sorely diminished, and the survivors, beset by invasions of giants, were unable to maintain control over humanity. Thus, humans were freed from bondage. Much of the rebuilding in the aftermath of the War was done on the backs of humans, and humanity retained its freedom in return. Yet, despite humanity’s contributions, humans are still considered beneath the other races.

Mluran is the setting of The First Godling series, which begins with Xy: Descent.

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