Standard Magic

LMP Black (Reduced).gifStandard Magic, formally known as the Standard Model of Magical Manipulation, is the most prevalent, formalized, and developed system of magic—that is, a coordinated sets of principles and procedures to harness and manipulate magic. It divides magical energy into near two hundred Domains, each corresponding to a type of magic, based upon the qualities or form of the magical energy. The Domains are classified under two Groupings: Advanced and Core. The Advanced Grouping contains three Schools, and the Core Grouping eight Schools. Most Schools are further divided into Disciplines, Subdisciplines, Hypodisciplines, and Infradisciplines. Practitioners of Standard Magic are known as Standard mages or, more commonly, as spellcasters.

Standard Magic is the system most frequently taught in magical universities and colleges of magic. Training in Standard Magic consists of ten years of study in the Core Schools and, for those who qualify, another five years in a single Advanced School, after which time a spellcaster may spend additional years specializing in a particular Domain.

Through Standard Magic, spellcasters are taught to harness the magical energy within themselves to achieve particular magical effects—known as spells. Until proficient, practitioners must utilize components to aid in the casting of spells. These components include Arcane Speech (usually some form of audible component, but, for beings and creatures that communicate in ways other than speech, other forms of communication are sufficient), Arcane Sign (involving some form of corporal component), and a corporeal—tangible—component. As a spellcaster gains aptitude, he loses the need for these components; however, in some cases, as in the practice of Alchemy, the necessity of tangible components always remains.

Among the most powerful spellcasters are those who have mastered the Advanced School of Raw Magic. Such individuals surpass even the need to learn and cast spells, rather harnessing pure magical energy and shaping it into any effect they desire.

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