LMP Black (Reduced).gifThural is a world ruled by vampyres. It comprises, primarily, a single, enormous landmass that encircles the globe along the north-south axis. The landmass itself comprises two supercontinents: Kyrn and Ryuth.

Scattered vampyric Courts lie interspersed among expanses of wilderness, where dwell isolated bands and tribes of humans. Throughout much of their history, the vampyres’ vulnerability to sunlight has limited the extent and speed of their geographic expansion. Now, however, a new peril also limits their proliferation and threatens their existence: a growing scarcity of sustenance in the form of living prey.

Earlier in their history, in an example of the tragedy of the commons, vampyres took no individual effort or responsibility to preserve their food supply. Behaving as if such prey were inexhaustible, they ate and killed with reckless disregard as a demonstration of their power and standing. Exacerbating their food insecurity was the wont of vampyres to transform prey into thralls—enslaved, servitor vampyres—to further enhance their status. Combined, these factors of irresponsibility and vanity resulted in the vampyres’ numbers increasing beyond the ability of their food supply to support them. Indeed, elves, dwarves, and gnomes once inhabited Thural, but their extinction necessarily resulted in the extinction of those vampyres who could feed upon only such races.

In response to this existential threat, most Courts have instituted restrictions on the creation of new vampyres and have taken measures to preserve or breed the last remaining form of prey—humans. As resources become ever scarcer and the possibility of famine looms, the threat of interaulic warfare becomes ever greater.

Thural is the setting of The Skeletal Throne series, which begins with The Moroi Hunters.

Below is a global map of Thural. Click on the red box to zoom in to the map of the territory covered in The Moroi Hunters (will open in a new window).

Thural Map

the North

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